3 butt lifting workouts for lower back pain

Do you want to lift your butt, so you can fill out the backside of those jeans, and be the envy at every dinner party?

But, do you also suffer from excruciating lower back pain, which makes life, well, miserable?

Don’t worry. You’re not alone. 

Living with low back pain will quickly put you on the sidelines of life. I mean, if your low back is screaming at you, are you even going to get out of bed that day, let alone drag yourself to work?

My guess is probably not. 

According to The American Chiropractic Association over 50% of Americans suffer from some degree of low back pain ¹

Is this you?

Fortunately, working out to develop a firm backside is actually one of the best things you can do to not only lift your butt and fill out those jeans, but also start to get rid of that excruciating low back pain. 

I’ll explain how all this works in just a second. 

In this article you’ll discover:

• The two biggest (preventable) causes of low back pain
• 3 butt lifting workouts for low back pain

Lets get started building you the curvy backside you desire, while helping you rid yourself of that nagging low back pain.

Two Biggest (Preventable) Causes of Low Back Pain

Unfortunately, low back pain is running rampant in today’s world. 

I don’t care who you are, suffering from low back pain is one of the fastest ways to start hating life, and increase your daily misery level.

So, what can you do to make sure you aren’t a helpless victim who falls prey to the villainous low back pain demon?

Fortunately, the two biggest causes of low back pain are entirely preventable. 

And, this is going to sting, but I’m saying that for 98% of people suffering from low back pain, it’s because of their own doing. 

Yes, that means you are causing your own pain. 

However, because the two biggest causes of low back pain are preventable, that means you can also reverse it. Rid yourself of it. No more low back pain.

So, what are the two (preventable) causes of low back pain?

#1. Excessive sitting
#2. Lack of butt specific exercise

Sit Less to Awaken Your Sleeping Giants

People these days are sitting more than ever. And, long periods of sitting force the butt muscles to essentially “turn-off”. 

This is bad because the butt muscles are designed to be the biggest, most powerful muscles in your body.

It’s the Football equivalent of having your biggest, strongest offensive linemen sitting on the bench the whole game.

What good does that do?

So, in short, sitting less will help you awaken the sleeping giants that are your butt muscles. 

Listed below are two techniques you can use to start sitting less:

#1. Standup every 20-30 minutes –> Breaking up long periods of sitting with quick standing is great way keep your butt happy and your back healthy.

#2. Use a sit/stand desk –> Even better than simply standing every 20-30 minutes is to use a sit/stand desk. With this type of desk you can alternate between periods of sitting, and standing, while still continuing to work. 

The main takeaway is that sitting less is good for keeping your butt muscles happy, and your back healthy. 

Lack of Butt Specific Exercise

A common problem with most workout routines, which keeps your butt saggy and your back miserable, is that a lack of butt specific exercises.

Yes, squats, deadlifts, and lunges are all a great start, but they only paint part of the butt lifting/healthy back picture. 

Are you working out the muscles on the side of your butt (gluteus medius)?

Why not?

Weak side butt muscles (I know, real scientific terminology here) are common in people suffering from low back pain. 

Maybe you should strengthen those.

What about using hip bridges (the correct way) to take your butt through the exact opposite position of sitting…

Are you doing that?

Why not?

Do you enjoy suffering from debilitating low back pain?
Do you enjoy having legs that look like they connect right to your back (aka, pancake booty syndrome)?

Now, I’m not asking you these questions to be rude. 

No, simply to fire you up to get serious about why firming up your butt can actually help your back, too. 

So, you may be wondering when the heck you’re going to get the workouts to do.

Right now.

Below are 3 butt lifting workouts for lower back pain. 

Not sure what the exercise looks like? No problem.
Each exercise is linked to the video demonstration. Click the blue text to view the demo (you’ll be re-directed to Youtube).

Workout # 1

Five rounds of-
20 Split lunges, total (10 per leg)
15 Lateral bands walks, each direction
10 Single leg foot elevated hip bridge, per leg
10 Goblet squats

Workout # 2

Four rounds of-
8 Stiff leg dumbbell deadlift
15 Side lying leg raises w/ resistance band, per leg
15 Side lying clam openers w/ resistance band, per leg
25 Frog pumps

Workout # 3

Five rounds of-
6 Dumbbell reverse lunge, per leg
15 Steps forward banded walk
15 Steps reverse band walk
15 Shoulder elevated banded hip thrust

Final Thoughts

Sculpting a firm, tone booty is not only great for filling out those jeans, and being the envy of all your friends, but also great for reducing debilitating low back pain.

Remember, you control the two most preventable causes of low back pain.

Aim to sit less everyday, and use butt specific booty lifting workouts a few times per week.

Your butt and your back will thank you.

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