The complete guide to becoming an Army Ranger: 90-day RASP workout plan

Army Ranger workout


This Army Ranger workout plan is the ultimate physical and mental conditioning guide to passing RASP.

Toughen your mind and harden your body, using the same techniques as the military’s elite ARMY RANGERS. 

Thinking about joining the Army, in pursuit of becoming an elite Army Ranger?

Then, you’ll want this workout guide. 

This is the exact book I wish existed prior to me joining the Army and going to Army Ranger Selection (RASP).

I wrote it for all aspiring young men, looking to serve their country in the finest light infantry unit in the world: 

The 75th Ranger Regiment


American Flag

What if over the next 90 days you could toughen your mind and body 
to become bulletproof in any situation in life? 

Gain the edge at you need for basic training, airborne school, and Ranger selection.

Army Ranger selection (RASP) has over a 70% drop-out rate

Most guys who quit are physically strong enough, but mentally they just couldn’t hack it.

This book will show you how to develop the mental edge you need,
so you aren’t one of the 70% of guys who say,
“I quit”.

In this guide you’ll discover… 

  • Three rules of being an Army Ranger
  • How to develop the unbeatable mindset of a warrior athlete, so you aren’t one of the 70% who quit during selection
  • Tips for building mental toughness and hardening your mind
  • Tips for sharpening your edge necessary to dominate Ranger Selection
  • Nutrition and hydration tips for properly fueling during Ranger Selection
  • 90 days of body hardening workouts that will definitely take you out of your  comfort zone
  • Tips for getting good sleep; even during chaos
  • Flexibility and injury prevention tips for the Ranger Selection
  • Useful training gear to prepare for basic training and Ranger Selection
  • And, a nice BONUS: Interviews with TWO (former) Army Rangers

Army Ranger physical training video
(20 minutes long – WATCH THIS!)

5 Tips for passing RASP



Why do you want to be an Army Ranger?
Why are you willing to endure the tidal wave of pain that is about to crash down upon you? If you have a clearly defined why you will not fail. If you don’t then it’s a lot easier for cracks to form in your mental wall, and doubt to creep in.


RASP is an 8 week endurance test.

Thinking about how much longer you have until graduation is setting you up for failure. Instead, break down each day in very small manageable chunks. For example, making it to the next meal.

Other days it might literally getting one foot in front of the other, or one breath to the next. Each smaller task you move through creates a larger one. Be prepared for a long grind.


Being a Ranger is about working as part of an elite team. Everything you do is for the betterment of your team, squad, platoon…etc. In RASP go out of your way to help struggling teammates. Be the person everyone looks up to, don’t just scrap by.

If you are a physical stud, but you a selfish asshole, people will notice. Sometimes your reputation is all you have. Be a team player.


Become a master of basic bodyweight exercises.

Being able to perform endless push-ups, pull-ups, run long distances, and carry a heavy backpack (filled with weight) will be a huge benefit towards helping you graduate from the course.

I will elaborate more on bodyweight exercises in the physical training section of this guide.


Quitting is a thought that will enter your mind many times over during RASP. Maybe even seriously. This is the reason you need a really strong why, and one that is all yours.

I thought about quitting more than once. There was one moment, however, which I seriously thought about quitting. And, this thought occurred while simply sitting on my rucksack.

Before we had the luxury of sitting on our rucksacks, we first completed hours of endless bodyweight exercises. Each new exercise immediately following the last one.

The exercises themselves did not make me think about quitting, rather it was that relentless Georgia heat and humidity that did. Being so hot and miserable caused my mind to start wandering and begin asking “Why are you doing this? Just quit and move on with your life.”

I knew that if I quit I would have to tell my family, my coach at the gym, and other close friends. They would probably say something like “I told you that was a bad idea”.

I couldn’t live with that. The shame of quitting was far more painful than act of quitting. In my mind, it was easier to just embrace the suck each day, than it was to quit.

So we all have moments of self-doubt, but it is what we do in those moments that define us and defines our success. Remember that you always have the choice to quit, or to stay. Constantly remind yourself of that, and when times get tough, return to your why.


I realize these seem like no-brainers, but there were candidates who actually didn’t know these two things.


You’re an American who wants to be an Army Ranger, and you don’t know the Pledge of Allegiance?

This is something every citizen of the United States should know. Especially folks serving in the military. You will be required to recite the Pledge of Allegiance many times, during RASP, and in Ranger battalion. 


You need to know this for the the same reasons you need to know the words to the Pledge of Allegiance. 

So, are you ready to answer the call and start building a physically and mentally tough enough to pass Army Ranger Selection (RASP)?

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