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So, I get asked the question, “What’s the absolute best fitness advice for weight loss, that you can give me?”
It’s a good question, but before I answer it I have a question for you:
“What do you do with all this good information you receive?”

While you ponder on that question for a second I’m going to tell you a quick story, then give you the best piece of fitness advice I can give. 

The context of the story will make sense after you hear my answer…

Joining The Army Taught Me The Best Fitness Advice I’ve Ever Received
So, I got out of the Army one year ago, last week  (May of 2017). It’s crazy how fast time flies.

I joined the Army when I was 24. 

Initially, I thought I wanted to be a Navy SEAL (I blame Hollywood). 

As it turns out, I can swim, but not that well. 

So I decided to pursue a job that was still packed with action and danger, but more land (and air) based, vs. in the water.

After doing some quick research I decided I was going to join the Army and become an Army Ranger.

When I initially told some of my people what I intended to do, they literally laughed in my face.

Can you believe that?

They hit me from all angles with a whirlwind of craziness such as, “the dropout rate for Ranger selection is like 80%”, or “you have a college degree, why are you joining the Army (as an enlisted guy)?”

Trust me, there were A LOT of haters trying to bring me down. 

A lot of people spent a great deal of their own time, energy, and effort trying to get me to second guess myself and change my mind.

They were like crabs sitting in the bottom of bucket who see their buddy making a daring climb for freedom, and when he’s just about there, they reach up with their crabby legs and yank him back into the abyss. 

Well, I gave these haters exactly zero of my own time, energy, or effort. I had a clearly defined vision, and more important things to than waste time trying to reason with them, or convince them.No.I simply ignored them, and crossed them off my list of people I ever want to associate with again. Sorry I’m not sorry, but the pursuit of big goals require making cuts in the type of people you allow in your life. 

Anyway, six months after I decided I was going to the join the Army and go to Ranger selection, I was being dropped off at the Fort Benning School of Boys for day 1 of infantry basic training.

And, a few months after that I made my dream become a reality when I graduated from Ranger Selection in class 9-13 (September of 2013). 

But that vision, my dream, only became a reality because of action.

However, to this day (almost 5 years later) I still have friends who are my age, telling me they are going to join the military and do this, that, and the third.

The problem is, they’ve been talking that same talk for well over half a decade now, but have taken exactly ZERO action toward making that goal a reality. 

That’s why they’ll forever be outsiders looking in on a world they can only fantasize about.

The Best Fitness Advice For Weight Loss

So, looping back around, the answer to the question of “What is the best fitness advice for weight loss” is this:


  • #1. Start taking immediate action toward your goal.

  • #2. Ruthlessly curate your inner circle.

But, that brings me to the point of this story…

moves you closer to your goal.

Consuming every single piece of weight loss literature, blog post, advice from “gurus”…etc, but taking no action, is the fastest way to go no where/ see no results.

Once you get started, the finer details will work themselves out. Questions will arise that need to get answered.

And, you can answer them in time.

However, you simply need to get started by taking immediate action.

But once you get started on your weight loss journey, you’ll also need to be careful who you give your time and energy too. There will undoubtedly be haters. Like crabs in a bucket, people will try their hardest pull you back down to their level; instead of raising you up on their shoulders. 

Don’t let them. 

You can do that by: ignoring them and then crossing them off the list of people you associate with.

Seriously, your time is too valuable to waste hanging out with haters.

And, if you are serious about achieving your weight loss goal, you MUST ruthlessly curate your inner circle. This really isn’t negotiable.


So, here’s what I want you to do today..

Don’t read any more fitness information today.

Instead, take immediate action toward your weight loss goal.

This action can include:

Drinking a protein shake, instead of having fast food
Doing a hard bodyweight workout
• Going for a long walk today

…Whatever your specific tactic you choose, remember that the best fitness advice for weight loss is:

  • Take immediate action
  • Ruthlessly curate your inner circle

Go forth and crush it today. 

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