What are the best home workouts without equipment

Burn more calories in 20 minutes from home,
than most people do in 60 minutes at the gym.

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“What are the best home workouts without equipment?”

This a good question.

The best home workouts should really be determined by what your goals are.

For example:

• Are you trying to lose weight/ lean out?

• Are you trying to gain t-shirt bursting muscles?

• Or, are you just working out to stay in shape and keep your heart healthy?

Once you figure out the answer to that question you can start to craft workouts that support that goal.

Now, this brings up a big point of concern. Workout equipment.

To burn fat, build muscle, and sculpt a body that makes you feel great every time you look in the mirror, don’t you need to use weight like, dumbbells, kettlebells, and barbells?

In short, the answer is no.

The best home workouts without equipment are…bodyweight exercises. Tada.

Bodyweight exercises are phenomenal for helping you lose weight, building tremendous strength, and developing that sleek lean attractive physique you have been dreaming about.

Without further ado lets examine bodyweight exercises more closely. 

Become A Bodyweight Ninja

If you’re working out from home you definitely should become familiar with the basic bodyweight exercises (and their variants).

These would include:

  • Pushups
  • Burpees
  • Air squats
  • Lunges
  • Hip bridges
  • Pullups
  • Body rows
  • Plank holds
  • Hollow rocks/holds
  • Crawling
  • Fitness walking
  • Sprinting (if you have the space…)

With the exercises listed above (and the variations of those exercises) you can literally create a limitless amount of workouts; catered towards whatever goal you want to achieve. 

Contrary to popular belief you can certainly build strength/add muscle, crush cardio workouts, and sculpt a lean, athletic looking physique using just your bodyweight as resistance.

To help get you started, outlined below is a sample bodyweight workout template for one week.

You can repeat this template every week for 3–4 weeks, or come up with your own template entirely.

Sample Workouts


[Day 1- Power]

1a. Plyo pushups, 6×2
1b. Jump squats, 6×4

2a. Plyo pullups, 6×2
2b. Jump lunges, 6×8 total

3a. Broad jump, 6×1 (max distance)

4a. Burpees with high jump, 6×2

[Day 2- Circuit]

Five rounds of: 
10 Pushups 
16 Walking lunges 
1 minute of crawling (bear crawls, crab crawls…etc)
30 second mountain climbers
30 second jumping jacks

[Day 3- Strength]

1a. L-sit pullup, 4×5
1b. Pistol squats, 4×4 per leg
1c. Plank hold, 4×30 seconds

2a. Handstand pushup, 4×4
2b. Single leg elevated hip bridge, 4×8 per leg

3a. Body rows, 4×8
3b. Hollow hold, 4×30 seconds

[Day 4- Up to you]

Use this day to crush another power, strength, or circuit style workout; or just play around and do what you feel like doing.

A lot of the success of a long term workout plan comes from doing things you enjoy, along with the things you want to work on.

Final Thoughts

So to recap, the best home workouts without equipment are the use bodyweight exercises.

The actual structure of your workouts should be determined by your goal.

You can use the sample template above as a jump off point, or create your own. It’s entirely up to you.

Burn more calories in 20 minutes from home, than most people do in 60 minutes at the gym.

Find out how with this high intensity home workout guide

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