What is the best overall home gym equipment?

What is the best overall home gym equipment?

The best overall home gym equipment will depend on a few factors:

#1. How much space do you have to work with? 

Are you working out in an apartment, or do you have an empty garage, barn, or shed you can outfit?

#2. What is your budget for buying exercise equipment?

Does dropping $500-1,000 on new home exercise equipment seem daunting?

If you’re boot strapping check out places like Craigslist or OfferUp.

With that being said, listed below are my top recommendations to get you started building the body of your dreams, while working out from home; regardless of your budget and available space.

• Dumbbells → Take up very little space, and are relatively inexpensive. If you’re price shopping you should be able to find dumbbells for about $0.50-$1 per pound. 

Dumbbells can be put together in metabolic type workout complexes to really put a hurt on body fat, or can be used for more traditional muscle building. Either way, dumbbells are highly effective pieces of exercise equipment and should be at the top of your home gym equipment list.

• Kettlebells → For the most part, kettlebells are interchangeable with dumbbells. I prefer to use dumbbells, but if you’re a kettlebell guy or girl you can’t go wrong adding a various weight bells to your home gym equipment arsenal.

• Doorframe pullup bar → In my opinion, a must have for any serious home gym. You can get a doorframe pullup bar system off Amazon for under $30, at any local sporting good stores, or even Wal-Mart. 

Having this will unlock many highly effective exercises such as, the pullup variations, bar hanging variations, and hanging ab/core workout exercises.

• TRX straps → The TRX is an incredibly versatile piece of exercise equipment. I used the TRX to train both my beginner levels clients, as well as my hard charging athletes and military special operations guys.

Also, a nice feature is that the TRX breaks down quickly and can easily be thrown in a travel bag for to bring on vacation or business trips.

• Resistance bands → Resistance bands are excellent pieces of workout equipment which hardly take up any space, and will challenge your body differently than dumbbells or kettlebells can.

This is another piece of exercise equipment that is also very easy to travel with. I highly recommend adding resistance bands to your home gym setup.

• Epic home workout guide → Working out at home is fantastic for a number of reasons. These include, saving massive amounts of time every week, and working out when it’s convenient for you. 

However, sometimes (especially after a long day) you just don’t want to plan out your workout.

You want to open a book, grab a pre-planned workout, and simply get started. 

I hear you and I’m the same way. Which is why I created “Body By Design: A high intensity home workout guide.

This guide is packed with a bunch of highly effective high intensity home workouts, that are already written, so you can just open the guide, choose your workout, and get started. 

Best of all, I give it away for free (not because I’m crazy. Just spreading the word about working out from home).

Anyway, you can grab the high intensity home workout guide, Body By Design at the link below:

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