Core strength training exercises

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When people hear the word “core strength training exercises” what words jump to mind? Six pack abs! Situps! Jacked! Ripped! Sex appeal! 

There is a lot of confusion about the word “core” and the exercises recommended to strengthen it. The common misconception going around is that core strength training only deals with your mirror muscles (the muscles on the front of your body that make you look awesome in the mirror).

Unfortunately, getting a ripped 6 pack has much more to do with proper diet than people like to think. To reveal your abs you will need to burn body fat. You can read more about the best ways to burn fat here.

However, the focus of this article is not burning body fat. It is to provide you with information about strengthening your core and show you a few exercises to do so.

Let’s rethink the word Core!

When thinking about our core, we need to include all of the musculature involved. Not just the sexy mirror muscles like the rectus abdominis (aka your six pack muscles). The core of our bodies is represented by the abdominal fascia and rectus abdominis in the front (anterior side), the oblique and transverse abdominis on the sides (lateral), and lumbrodorsal fascia, aka nature’s back belt, in the rear (posterior side). Together, these three groups of muscles make up what is actually known as our core.


Now, this quick anatomy lesson probably won’t mean much to most people. That’s totally fine. What I am asking you to take away from this article, though, is that the muscles of the core wrap around our entire midsection. They are not limited to just the muscles we see in the mirror.

Exercises to train the core

I’ve written about the importance of core stability. I won’t belabor the point any further, but if you are interested in the “why” aspect of core training, checkout this article. 

Anti-Extension exercises

Exercises that train the body to stabilize against excessive extension of the spine (arching the back).


•Swiss ball rollouts

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•AB wheel rollouts 
•Rack Carry

•Farmers carry

•Zercher carry

Anti-Rotation exercises

Exercises that train the body to stabilize the spine against directional change

•Forearm to hand to forearm plank

•Kneeling half moon

•Standing half moon

•Single arm ring row

Anti-lateral flexion exercises

Exercises that train the body to stabilize against side bending.

•Side plank

•Single arm farmers carry

•Single arm overhead carries

•Single arm overhead press

•Turkish getup

Final thoughts

Strengthening your core is much more than just situps and bosu ball crunches. When we talk about core strength training, we are actually talking about improving the ability to stabilize our spine against movement. A stronger core will basically make you better at everything. 

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