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Personal clients and past mentors 

Melanie F, successful business badass, mother of 2, and my first ever personal training client

“Tom was my personal trainer for over a year and a half. I was a professional business woman and mother, in her early 40s who had never really worked out in a gym environment, so I was very self-conscious.

Immediately Tom made me feel comfortable- never judging, customizing a workout program that pushed me just the right amount.

He also provided nutrition coaching, and overall was very positive and motivating. Words cannot express how delighted I was with the results, and how grateful I am for Tom’s support.”

Mary M, avid runner, and personal training client

“Several years ago I decided to make a lifestyle change; I made the decision to lose weight and gain strength and endurance. I knew I would need some help and encouragement, so I decided to turn to a personal trainer. That’s when I found Tom Coffey! My goals were to lose weight and become stronger, and after my sessions with Tom I did just that.

Tom was encouraging and he was creative in his workouts, there was never a chance to become bored. I never knew what to expect and I was never disappointed. The workouts were challenging; my favorite was the TRX bands! Within just a few sessions I noticed improvement in my upper body strength and definition of my arm muscles.

I was able to do things that I never imagined myself doing…

…like a modified pull-up and 10 push-ups in a row. I realized that I could like working out, and Tom made it easy with sample workouts and easy instructions for those days I was on my own.

With the help of Tom, I lost weight and inches and gained confidence.

Want to climb a rock wall for the FIRST TIME EVER, with your son? No problem.

Want to run (and dominate) a
Spartan Race?
No problem.

Want to get the latest cutting edge fitness advice, which is backed by science, but easy to read?
No problem?

-Jon H
, long time friend and Amazon computer wizard.

I love your blog articles. Especially because they break down complicated and jargon-filled concepts into understandable and applicable info that I start using right away.”

Need a NAVY SEAL to give his stamp of approval about my coaching first?
No problem?

-Brad M, Former Navy SEAL and founder of

“Tom worked at my gym, CrossFit Grinder, as head strength and conditioning coach. Before working for me he was an athlete that I coached. He has also positively contributed to my fitness website for the past 3 years now.

Tom is very hands on and has a great attitude. He is very knowledgeable about strength and conditioning.

I trusted him 100% with writing the workouts at my gym and he delivered in spades.

He helped me grow my membership by over 50 clients in 7 months. I would hire Tom again as a coach for our gym. I wish there were more guys like him out in the world today.”

-Chris T, funny dude, and former in-home personal training client

I first met Tom as a recommendation from a friend when I was in search of a personal trainer. At our first session Tom took time to ask me what exercises I was doing and what my goal was from our one on one sessions.

Tom takes the information and creates a series of workouts for you, based on your needs. He caters these workouts to your goals and your current fitness level. He even assigns homework workouts in between one on one sessions. These homework assignments really show his passion for coaching, keep you motivated, and help your fitness skills improve.

Tom also takes the time to make sure that when you’re doing your workouts that you are doing the exercises correctly. With Tom I had great results in myself for weight loss and feeling better. You will not find a better personal trainer with a caring and professional dedication to you as a customer.

Jordan R, friend, former corporate personal trainer, and founder of

Tom is filled with exuberance and experience. Not only is he knowledgeable with fitness training and coaching, he has a strength for making people feel like he really listens and hears them.

His combination of experience, knowledge and people skills make him approachable, fun, and a positive person to be around.

He brings a lot of positive energy to the table. He not only knows how to work hard, but he knows how to work smart and do it with an upbeat positive attitude. He views obstacles as a learning experience and never misses a beat when it comes to challenges.

Through our conversations over the years it is obvious that Tom is both knowledgeable and passionate about fitness. We’ve gotten into some pretty lengthy and in-depth conversations about coaching and training.

Derek B, former co-workers, and co-founder of HardBat Crossfit

Tom is a very diligent and thorough worker. Ever since I have known him, he has always given 110% to the task at hand. He sees everything through from start to finish.

Since I have personally worked with Tom as trainers and seen him coach, I can say that he is extremely knowledgeable about training. He worked with a diverse group of clients over the years, and was able to deliver great results to each one of them. He is a very personable guy with great demeanor. As a trainer he was able to create very personalized relationships with his clientele, which I believe is why he was so successful.

Due to an enlistment in the Army Tom has since moved away from the training studio, but he still keeps in touch with a lot of his clients via email. Those are the types of relationships he built.

If he can lose 20 pounds just by following my e-book,
imagine what we can do together with personalized coaching (just saying…)

Here’s some of the other awesome results folks have gotten, simply from following my digital workout plans…