What is the best weight loss program

What is the best weight loss program?

The best weight loss program is the one you will actually follow, over the long term.

What I mean is that there is no “best” weight loss program, because everyone is living different lives.

For example: If a weight loss program asks you to eat spinach, but you hate spinach, how long do you think you’ll stick to that?

My guess is not very long…

So, the best weight loss program is one which combines effective weight loss principles, with a level of enjoyment, that works for you.

With that being said, below are some general weight loss principles that you should keep in mind though.

Weight loss principle # 1→To lose weight you must create a calorie deficit.

Meaning, you must burn more calories (energy) most days than you take in.

There are three main ways to do this:

1. Eat less than you do now
2. Exercise way more than you do now
3. Combine eating and exercise tactics, to create that deficit (preferred method)

Weight loss principle #2→ Control what you can control.

When folks set out on a weight loss journey, too often they focus on things they CAN’T control; specifically, the speed at which they are losing weight. This ultimately ends up in a long, frustrating, weight loss experience.

Note: You can’t control how fast you actually lose weight, so please don’t worry about it.

Everyone will lose weight at different rates. Some people will make one simple diet change and almost immediately drop 5 or 10 pounds. However, others can make that same diet tweak, but not lose any weight.

You can’t control how fast your body loses weight. So, it will be a lot less frustrating if you accept that now, and don’t worry about the actual speed of your weight loss.

THINGS YOU CAN CONTROL (and should worry about)⇓

Ok, so now that you understand why you shouldn’t worry about things out of your control (ie…speed of weight loss), what are some things within your control that you should focus on?

-How much water you drink each day→ 
It’s amazing how little water most folks really drink in a day, but how much they actually think they are drinking. Simply drinking a few more glasses of water (and a few less sodas) each day is well within your control. This small tweak alone, has helped a lot of my past personal training clients start to budge their scale downward.

-How much protein you eat each day→
Eating protein with every meal will help keep you full for longer, help maintain/build new muscle tissue, and actually costs your body a lot of energy to breakdown (thermic effect of food). In short, you should build every meal around protein first; regardless if your goal is weight loss, or something else.

-Your inner circle→
You control who you let into your inner circle. What I’m about to say next is probably going to be hard to accept, but it’s true. You need to ruthlessly curate your inner circle. This is especially true when you’re on a weight loss goal. You want the people around you to be supportive, encouraging, and build you up.

If your inner circle of friends (or family) are spitting venom at you, being negative towards your goals, and generally bringing you down, you need to figure out ways to distance yourself from them, and join a positive encouraging group instead.

Making hard cuts in who you allow in your inner circle is hard. No doubt about it. But, this is within your direct control and something you need to do for long term success.

-How frequently you exercise→ 
Whether you are exercising 0 days per week, 7 days per week, or somewhere in between, that number is directly in your control.

Being busy isn’t a good excuse, because I’m showing people how to effectively workout in 10–20 minutes right from their home.

You do have 10 minutes per day to workout, right?

So yea, we’re all busy, but that’s a poor reason to say you don’t workout. Again, this number is within your direct control.

-Making excuses, or not→
Making excuses, or just figuring out a way to make things happen, are both well within your control.

If you think you don’t have time to workout, that’s within your direct control. If you know your schedule is super busy, but you’re committed to crushing a quick, 5–10 minute bodyweight workout each night after work, well, that’s also within your control.

If you’re always buying junk for lunch from the local Pizzeria, that’s up to you. If you realize lunch for you is usually grab-n-go type food, and you decide to throw a bunch of meat, vegetables, and potatoes into a croc pot, so you have meals already made for the week, well again, that’s up to you.

This list could go on and on, but I think you get the point by now. Basically, regardless if you’re making excuses, or spending that same time and energy on figuring out a solution that works for you, either way, it’s up to you and within your direct control.

Final thoughts

So, to quickly sum this all up:

The best weight loss program is the one you’ll actually follow.

However, there are some basic weight loss principles you should keep in mind.

#1 – For weight loss to occur, you must create an energy deficit.
#2- Focus on things you can control, and don’t worry about what you can’t.

And, that’s really it.

If you keep these two global weight loss principles in mind, you’re off to a good start. The actual specific tactics that you use (ie…diet, what type of exercise….etc) are up to you, but should be somewhat enjoyable, and be realistic within the context of your life.

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