Working Out From Home Will Never Be Sexy, But Here Is Why It’s Awesome

To workout from home, or not to workout from home?

The more I’ve been talking about how I’m only working out from home has raised a lot of questions.

The idea that you can build the body of your dreams from the comfort of your living room, while also creating free time in your week, has folks intrigued.

Curiosity has captivated the people. They have spoken, and they wish to know more.

So, my intent with this blog post is to merely scratch that itch. This post isn’t meant to be a deep dive into the tactics of working out from home.  That post will come later.

Basically, I just want to get your cognitive juices flowing. I want to offer you a wildly effective alternate path. One that doesn’t involve the gym, or skipping workouts.

If you don’t currently exercise does working out from home seem like a low-stress/ manageable way to get started?

If you do currently exercise, but feel like life has you so busy you never have time to actually make it to the gym, I encourage you to explore the world of at-home workouts

What is the worst that will happen?

Before we get into the heart of this thing, let me tell you a quick story about humble beginnings…

A Quick Story

My intrigue with working out from home technically started when I was living in the college dorms during undergrad at West Chester University. This was back in 2006-2007.

I had a gym membership at a small local facility. I loved going there, but I didn’t always have time in the day to make it there during business hours (school + full time job = a lack of free time).

And some days I flat out didn’t feel like walking the 8 blocks to get there. Yes, I always walked because parking in a college town is a nightmare.

Despite not always being up for a trek to the gym, I was always up for a workout. It makes me feel good, and I enjoy it.

Getting back to the dorm life workouts though- My buddy John (and next door dorm neighbor) was also always up for a workout. Him and I were always searching the Google machine for things like Navy Seal workouts, home workouts, or bodyweight workouts.

We didn’t have a lot of space to workout, but we certainly had enough to perform basic bodyweight exercises. And, that was good enough. We accidentally stumbled upon a 16-week Navy Seal prep program. No equipment required. Just bodyweight exercise.

It was simple. To the point. And admittedly looked like the perfect workout program to rock in the small living space that was our college dorm.

So, John and I joyously set out on our new found 16-week workout adventure. Believe it or not, we actually completed the program. Although, I think it took us 18 or 19 weeks to finish. The program got progressively harder each week, and culminated with an obscene amount of pushups, air squats, and situps:

Pushups, 30 sets of 20
Air squats, 30 sets of 50
Situps, 30 sets of 20

Was it the best workout program ever?

Probably not.

But this 16-week, all bodyweight, Navy Seal prep program taught us valuable lessons about working out with minimal space and equipment. I quickly saw the value of being able to workout from my home (or at the time, my dorm room).

I’ll talk about each of these more at length in just a second, but here is a short list of the benefits from working out at home:

#1. You create free time every week, by not having to fight traffic to the gym

#2. You develop the skills to workout from anywhere, with or without equipment

#3. You can hone and refine your technique in private, so you no longer feel awkward at the gym (or about going to the gym)

This is by no means an exhaustive list of the benefits from working out at home. I’m sure you can think of many more benefits that I missed.

However, lets put each of these under the microscope; examine them more closely and see what happens.



Benefits of Working Out From Home

Benefit #1- Save Time

How long is your average commute to the gym? Ten minutes? Twenty?

For the sake of argument lets say it takes you 15 minutes to make the drive to the gym. That seems like a reasonable number, right? After your workout is over you make that same 15 minute drive home.

Doing the math we see that simply getting to the gym costs you 30 minutes per day. If you go a modest, 3x per week, that’s 90 minutes of commuting each week just to arrive at a place to workout.

(Imagine if you could free that time up)

What would you do with 90 more minutes of free time each week?

That’s 90 more minutes each week you could play with your kid. Don’t have kids?

That’s 90 more minutes each week you could play with you dog. Don’t have a dog? That’s 90 more minutes each week you could read a book that interests you.

You see where I am going with this…

Just for fun– 90 minutes of weekly gym commuting time = 6 hours per month. You’re driving 6 hours per month before you even burn one calorie at the gym. That seems like a lot of lost time.

And, that’s assuming your drive is only 15 minutes to the gym.

What if it takes you 20 minutes?

30 minutes?

Your time starts to evaporate quickly. It’s no wonder people say they are too busy to hit the gym.

So I ask you: “Is it possible to free up hours each week by spending less time commuting to the gym, and more time effectively and efficiently working out from your home?”

Is it possible?


Absolutely, 100%, unequivocally yes it is possible.

I’ve slowly been shifting from gym workouts to exclusively at-home workouts. And you know what, I feel stronger, leaner, and more healthy than I ever have before. My joints don’t hurt, my workouts are shorter but more effective, and I’ve “created” more free time in my weeks.

So, am I saying never to workout at the gym? No, of course not.

What I am saying is that if you feel like you just don’t have enough hours in the week, but the idea of creating more free time while building the body of your dreams is intriguing to you, I think you should give working out from home a chance.

What do you think?

Benefit #2- Workout From Anywhere

Once you develop the skills to workout from your home, you’ll realize that you can literally workout anywhere.

Traveling for work?

Taking a family vacation?

Don’t have access to a gym?

No problemo.

Working out from your home will teach you how to effectively use your body as resistance. You literally become your own gym.

Cool concept, right?

Obviously, if you have exercise equipment at home (which I encourage) you’ll be able to add a tremendous amount of variety within your workout routine.

However, when you’re away from home,  and don’t have equipment you’ll never be stuck wondering just how to get a workout that day. You’ll know how.

Ah, yes. The power of at-home workouts.

Are you beginning to see the advantages to working out from home?


Benefit #3- Build Confidence in Private

Like I mentioned earlier: I’m still a fan of going to the gym, lifting heavy, and getting after it. But, occasionally I want to learn a new exercise in private.

I don’t want people at the gym to see my early struggles while learning something new.

It’s a pride and ego thing for me. It may be different for you. Either way, sometimes I just want to learn, practice, and refine a skill set, without floundering in front of the masses on the gym floor.

And honestly,  I know a lot of people have that same fear. The fear of being judged is enough to turn folks off from the gym.

I know this because I’ve asked a lot of new gym members what their biggest fears about starting are.

So, what better place to practice and hone your workout ninja skills than the privacy and comfort of your home?

I can’t think of a better place. Can you?

Working out from home is a great way to build confidence with unfamiliar exercises. No one is there to judge you. You are free to explore the movement; both globally and specifically.

I suppose we could sum up benefit #3 like this: Workout from home. No one is judging you. Explore. Fail. Refine. Conquer.


Working out from the comfort of your home is fantastic, because we all live busy lives. However, staying busy doesn’t mean you need to choose between exercise and “some other thing”. You can have the best of both.

Not having to drive back and forth to the gym each day truly saves an enormous amount of time each week. Trust me, it adds up in a big way.

No longer will you be handcuffed to the gym. You’ll also develop the skill set to grab a workout from anywhere in the world. Step back and let that sink in for a second. That is powerful.

Finally, working out from home builds confidence. Regardless if you’re new to exercise, or a savvy vet of 20 years, at- home workouts are a great way to develop  and refine your skills; all while building confidence from the privacy of your home.

If you like the idea of utilizing extremely effective fat-burning at-home style workouts, which create more free time in your week, then you’ll absolutely love my FREE workout challenge, The Seven Day Shred.

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